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Author(s): Hanke A, Sauerwein M, Kaiser K, Kalbitz K
Title: Does anoxic processing of dissolved organic matter affect organic-mineral interactions in paddy soils?
Source: Geoderma 228, 62-66

Author(s): Kölbl A, Schad P, Jahn R, Amelung W, Bannert A, Cao ZH, Fiedler S, Kalbitz K, Lehndorff E, Mueller-Niggemann C, Schloter M, Schwark L, Vogelsang V, Wissing L, Koegel-Knabner I
Title: Accelerated soil formation due to paddy management on marshlands (Zhejiang Province, China)
Source: Geoderma 228, 67-89

Author(s): Lehndorff E, Roth PJ, Cao ZH, Amelung W
Title: Black carbon accrual during 2000 years of paddy-rice and non-paddy cropping in the Yangtze River Delta, China
Source: Global Change Biology 20(6), 1968-1978

Author(s): Wissing L, Kölbl A, Schad P, Braeuer T, Cao Z-H, Koegel-Knabner I
Title: Organic carbon accumulation on soil mineral surfaces in paddy soils derived from tidal wetlands
Source: Geoderma 228, 90-103


Author(s): Bräuer T, Grootes P M, Nadeau M-J
Title: Origin of subsoil carbon in Chinese paddy soil chronosequence
Source: Radiocarbon 55,1058-1070

Author(s): Bräuer T, Grootes P M, Nadeau M-J, Andersen N
Title: Downward carbon transport in a 2000-year rice paddy soil chronosequence traced by radiocarbon measurements
Source: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 294, 584-587

Author(s): Hanke A, Cerli C, Muhr J, Borken W, Kalbitz K
Title: Redox control on carbon mineralization and dissolved organic matter along a chronosequence of paddy soils
Source: Europ. J. Soil Sci. 64, 476-487

Author(s): Kalbitz K, Kaiser K, Fiedler S, Kölbl A, Amelung W, Bräuer T, Cao ZH, Don A, Grootes P, Jahn R, Schwark L, Vogelsang V, Wissing L, Kögel-Knabner I
Title: The carbon count of 2000 years of rice cultivation
Source: Glob. Change Biol. 19(4): 1107–1113

Author(s): Roth PJ, Lehndorff E, Hahn A, Frenzel P, Amelung W
Title: Cycling of rice rhizodeposits through peptide-bound amino acid enantiomers in soils under 50 and 2000 years of paddy management
Source: Soil Biol. Biochem. 65, 227-235

Author(s): Wissing L, Kölbl A, Häusler W, Schad P, Cao Z-H, Kögel-Knabner I
Title: Management-induced organic carbon accumulation in paddy soils: The role of organo-mineral associations
Source: Soil Till. Res. 126, 60-71


Author(s): Mueller-Niggemann C, Bannert A, Schloter M, Lehndorff E, Schwark L
Title: Intra-versus inter-site macroscale variation in biogeochemical properties along a paddy soil chronosequence
Source: Biogeosciences Discuss. 181, 10119-10154


Author(s): Bannert A, Kleineidam K, Wissing L, Mueller-Niggemann C, Vogelsang V, Welzl G, Cao Z, Schloter M
Title: Changes in diversity and functional gene abundances of microbial communities involved in nitrogen fixation, nitrification, and denitrification in a tidal wetland versus paddy soils cultivated for different time periods
Source: Appl. Environ. Microb. 77, 6109-6116

Author(s): Bannert A, Mueller-Niggemann C, Kleineidam K, Wissing L, Cao Z, Schwark L, Schloter M
Title: Comparison of lipid biomarker and gene abundance characterizing the archaeal ammonia-oxidizing community in flooded soils
Source: Biol. Fertil. Soils 47, 839-843

Author(s): Ho A, Luke C, Cao ZH, Frenzel P
Title: Ageing well: methane oxidation and methane oxidizing bacteria along a chronosequence of 2000 years
Source: Environmental Microbiology Reports 3, 738-743

Author(s): Roth P J, Lehndorff E, Cao Z H, Zhuang S, Bannert A, Wissing L, Schloter M, Kögel-Knabner I, Amelung W
Title: Accumulation of nitrogen and microbial residues during 2000 years of rice paddy and non-paddy soil development in the Yangtze River Delta, China
Source: Glob. Change Biol. 17, 3405-3417

Author(s): Wissing L, Kölbl A, Vogelsang V, Fu J-R, Cao Z-H, Kögel-Knabner I
Title: Organic carbon accumulation in a 2000-year chronosequence of paddy soil evolution
Source: Catena 87, 376-385


Author(s): Kögel-Knabner I, Amelung W, Cao Z-H, Fiedler S, Frenzel P, Jahn R, Kalbitz K, Kölbl A, Schloter M
Title: Biogeochemistry of paddy soils
Source: Geoderma 157, 1-14